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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property


Forms regarding other filings in the companies register

FEE: 350,00
  efiling submission available
ONLINE FEE: 350,00

Fill in and submit by 30th June of each year, the following application for payment of the annual fee of a registered company, accompanied by the amount of three hundred and fifty euros (€350).

It is noted that, if the company delays to comply with the above obligation then the company will be subject to the following charges:

  • for payment within two (2) months from the 30th of June (i.e. up until 31st August), the charge is an additional ten percent (10%) on the original fee, thus raising the total amount to be paid to three hundred and eighty-five euros (€385);
  • for payment within five (5) months from the 30th June (i.e. up until 30th November), the charge is an additional 30% on the original fee, thus raising the total amount to be paid to four hundred and ninety euros (€490).

Companies belonging to a group, may not exceed the sum of twenty thousand euros (€20.000) in total payable fees and, so the application must be completed and filed by allocating the sum amongst the companies in equal parts.

For more information regarding form completion and the relevant procedure, refer to page Payment of annual fee.

It is noted that a company that was registered prior to 14th August 1974, and had its registered office or place of business or all of their assets in an occupied or inaccessible area and that are no longer active and/or do not possess any other asset other than the assets located in areas which are not under the control of the Republic, is not obliged to pay an annual fee. Towards this end, form HE67 must be submitted by by hand/post.

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