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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property
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Understanding a business name

Starting your business activity? Find out what we mean when referring to a business name, the initial obligations, as well as the differences between the different types of business entities which you may choose from for your business activity.

Are you interested in starting your business activity? Find out what a business name is and how you can utilise it to conduct your business.

A business name, at the time of its incorporation with the Registrar of Companies, has to meet specific requirements, and as soon as it is incorporated, a number of relevant obligations must be fulfilled with regards to the following:

In order to fully take advantage of your business, you must choose the right business entity. Choosing the correct type of business entity, will assist you to maximize your potential for financial and operational success.

Would you like to conduct a search in the register of Business Names, for a specific business name? You can use the e-services of the Companies’ Section to conduct an e-search in the electronic register of the registered business entities.

Do you need professional advice during the beginning of your business start-up? You can get in touch with professionals or other specialised organizations.

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