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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property


Tips & Notes


The main criteria of the form HE4 are:

  • company name and number;
  • appointment of officer (where applicable): full details and address of officer(s) appointed by this form (full address in Greek if the address is in Cyprus). Attention: the relevant form fields concern newly-appointer officers and not existing ones;
  • changes to details of existing officers (where applicable):
    • positions of officer: the details of the existing officer are completed (name, surname and registration no. in case of a registered company);
    • new personal details: only the fields concerning changes to the details/address of the officer(s) are completed (in Greek if the address is in Cyprus);
  • termination of officer (where applicable): the details of the officer(s) terminated by this form are completed;
  • appointment/changes/ termination dates : i.e the dates must be no more than 14 days apart from each other. E.g., in case of appointment and change, the date must be no more than 14 apart from each other;
  • Last page of form: signature of existing officer (director or secretary). In case where the officer is a company, the company seal is required).
    Attention: In case where, by the proposed changes, the company remains with asole director and secretary being the same person (individual person/company), then the company must have 1 shareholder.

According the case it is examined that the following documents have been attached:

  • Secretary’s declaration:
    • in case where the secretary is a Company, the Company seal is required;
    • in case of change of secretary, it must be signed by both - terminated and new secretary.
  • in the event that a company omits to deliver to the Registrar of Companies notice of vacancy of position, a sworn declaration (submitted along with HE4 by the by the officer himself (resigning) or his representative (in case of death), according to article 46(a) of the Companies (Amending) (No.4) Law of 2015, L89(I)/2015) must be submitted.

Most common reasons for rejection of documents by the examiner:

  • the form submitted is not the statutory form. The statutory forms are available on the webpage and at the offices of the Department;
  • failure to complete/submit the above details.

For further information regarding the relevant procedure, you may refer to the page Updating Directors and Secretary

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