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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property


Tips & Notes


The main criteria of review of the form HE12 are:

  • company name and number;
  • date of allotment of shares (one month prior the submission date, in case where the form is not submitted within one month a court order is required for time extension);
  • available capital;
  • full address details of and number of shares held by each shareholder;
  • officer’s signature (in case where the officer is a company, the company seal is required);
  • if the company is public, the allotment method must be clarified (private placement or invitation to subscribe;
  • if the company is public and considerate is non-monetary, then an expert report is required.

Most common reasons for rejection of documents by the examiner:

  • The form submitted is not the statutory form. The statutory forms are available on the webpage and at the offices of the Department;
  • Failure to complete/submit the above details.

For further information regarding the relevant procedure, you are advised to refer to the page Updating Share Capital and Shareholders.

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