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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property



1.What information is available on esearch? Can I see the historic file of a company’s beneficial owners or only the existing beneficial owners?
During the implementation of the interim solution, access to the information concerning the beneficial owner(s) through the electronic BO register will be available for the Competent and Supervisory Authorities upon a written request to the Registrar of Companies.

In addition, as from 01.06.22, obliged entities and any member of the general public will have access to the beneficial owner register details on the basis of the provisions of article 12 of the 1st Directive of the Registrar of Companies, upon a written request to the Registrar of Companies, with the submission of €3.50 fee per legal entity. For more information, see a relevant announcement.

Following the Judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEE) access to the Register of Beneficial Owners for the general public is suspended.For more information, see a relevant announcement.

The Register will maintain the current record of the BO of the entity.The Register of beneficial owners will not maintain any information regarding the beneficial owner(s) of a company prior to the 12/3/2021.

2.When we conduct e-search in the Companies register, will the details of the beneficial owners also be disclosed?
No, they are two completely different registers governed by different laws and with no interconnection between them.
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