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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property


EIIG's Forms & Fees

No.: ΕΟΟΣ4
FEE: No Fee

Fill in and submit the following form (form ΕΟΟΣ4) to update the register of a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) maintained by the Registrar of Companies, regarding the following:

  • change of EEIG's seat; or
  • appointment, change to the details of and termination of officers of an EEIG with seat outside the Republic of Cyprus; or
  • amendment of grouping’s composition; or
  • transfer of the shares of its members; or
  • exemption of a new member from the payment of debts and other obligations; or
  • amendment of the contract of formation; or
  • change of name; or
  • transfer of EEIG's seat to another member state; or
  • decision of members of EEIG for its dissolution; or
  • nullity of EEIG by court.

It is noted that, no fee is required for filing the abovementioned form except in the case of notification of officer of an EEIG with seat outside the Republic of Cyprus, where payment must be made for:

  • the fee of forty euro (€40) in case of appointment or change of details; or
  • the fee of twenty euro (€20) in case of officer's termination.

In case you wish to accelerate the process, the additional fee of twenty euro (€20) must be paid. The fees are payable in cash, by cheque, via an account maintained with the Department of Registrar of Companies or via bank transfer.

For further information regarding the relevant procedures, refer to the relevant page:


Notification of documents and details of EEIG

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