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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property
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Payment of annual fee

Payment of annual fee

Every registered overseas company that has established a place of business in the Republic of Cyprus, must pay an annual fee of three hundred and fifty euros (€350) by 30th of June of each year of operation.

It is noted that, if a company fails to timely pay the annual fee it is subject to a charge as follows:

  • for payment within two (2) months from the 30th of June (i.e. up until 31st August), the charge imposed equals to an additional ten percent (10%) on the original fee, thus making the total amount to be paid three hundred and eighty-five euros (€385);
  • for payment within five (5) months from the 30th June (i.e. up until 30th November), the charge imposed equals to an additional 30% on the original fee, thus making the total amount to be paid four hundred and ninety euros (€490).

Companies belonging to a group, for which the total payable fees do not exceed the sum of twenty thousand euros (€20.000), complete and submit the application for the payment of annual fee by allocating the sum amongst the companies in equal parts.

Methods of payment of the annual fee

You may proceed with the payment of your company's annual fee, via the following ways:

  • The website of JCCSMART ifor payments relating to the years 2018 and onwards;
  • The e-service of the Registrar of Companies, following registration to Ariadne Government Gateway, for the payments relating the years 2012 - 2017 (including);
  • By submitting to the Registrar of Companies the relevant Annual fee form by hand/post.


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